Dipping Set (2 PAIRS OF EACH Total of 6pcs)

Dipping Set (2 PAIRS OF EACH Total of 6pcs)

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Step 1

File your nails removing the inhibition layer and apply bottle number 1 (PREP/Bond) then wait 5 seconds. 

Step 2: Apply bottle number 2 (Base) and insert your finger into the acrylic DIP powder and then shake off the excess.

Step 3: Apply bottle 3 (Activator) this will harden the powder in your nail. 

Repeat steps 2 & 3. Recommend 2 coats.

Step 4: Clean and smooth topcoat if needed.

Step 5: Apply any UV Finish gel and cure under a lamp or ICE Gel if you don't have a lamp.


*House of Colors Acrylics between number 1-100 are dipping powders * or in each description, it will say if it's dip powder or not